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Art vs. Interior

Central Coast Interior Design, Rocksalt Interiors

Welcome to the Rocksalt blog; our forum for everything interior design.

In the spirit of our new website, we’ve chosen to reiterate our primary working values.


We strive to balance form with function.

We echo our clients’ personalities within their spaces.

We collaborate as a creative team.

We create liveable spaces.


The interior design process transcends mere placement of objects. Interior design blends art and science in a way that no other form can.

The spaces we inhabit subconsciously permeate our psyche, influencing disposition and productivity through every tiny detail.

Exceptional living and working spaces dissolve lines between art and architecture – immersing the subject in a carefully constructed atmosphere.

Though often overlooked as an art form, interior design is crafted with a specific audience in mind. In the same way art is commissioned, so too are bespoke interiors created. To create a truly functional space, total comprehension of the user’s spatial need is required.

At Rocksalt, we place our clients above all else. Our committed team works to deliver spaces that blend design and purpose – producing interiors that are art in the eyes of their occupants.

If you’re looking to transform your interior into liveable art, talk to us. We’ll make it happen.